As 2018 draws to a close, we’d like to use this opportunity to take stock of it in a slightly different way. At Brainloop, it’s been an exciting year in the world of security for confidential data and information with some really interesting events. We can thank many people for that – people who have accompanied us on our journey for many years and made it possible in the first place.

More than anyone else, our heartfelt thanks go to our customers and business partners. We really appreciate the fact that you’re always ready to provide suggestions or technical ideas. We want to thank you very much for being great people to work with as well as for your cooperativeness and outstanding commitment.

And Brainloop wouldn’t be what it is without its staff. Every day, they help drive the company forward with their dedication and motivation. They all pull together when they need to achieve goals and go the extra mile. That’s why we’d like to say a big thank you to every single one of our employees.


In order to give something back and show our gratitude, it’s been important to Brainloop for many years now to make donations to charity at Christmas. They ensure that we can help where it’s really needed. Every year, our staff are asked to vote for a charity we should donate to. This year, they actually chose two.

One part of our donation is going to LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. This association – whose name means Ray of Hope Assistance for Seniors – was founded in 2003 as the first association in Germany providing help to pensioners with insufficient means to enable them to live in dignity and participate in society.

The other part of our donation is for Kinderhospiz Netz in Vienna, a children’s hospice delivering comprehensive care to children and young people who are seriously ill or have life-threatening diseases. Its mobile, multi-disciplinary team provides palliative care to the children at their homes. In 2016, the charity also opened KinderTagesHospiz, a children’s hospice day centre providing more intensive care for sick children as well as relieving the burden on their families.


We also take our social responsibilities seriously during the rest of the year. We decided a long time ago not to give presents when working on projects with customers. Some companies give these gifts as gestures of gratitude for a joint conference presentation or the use of customer logos. Instead, we use the money for a donation. And our customers find that an excellent idea. In 2018 we’ve specifically donated to the following organisations:

  • Glückskette – a Swiss organisation that collects donations and coordinates their reliable distribution to various charities, ensuring that beneficiaries can implement high-quality humanitarian and social projects.
  • insieme cerebral Zug – a Swiss association founded in 1967 that ensures, promotes and represents the rights and interests of people with mental, cerebral and multiple handicaps when dealing with the authorities and welfare institutions.
  • Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung – a trust that has been working since 1975 for the holistic treatment, rehabilitation and integration of paraplegics.
  • Sternstunden e.V. – a charity campaign that has been organised since 1993 by the Bavarian public service broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. It provides support to children around the world who are sick, handicapped or suffering hardship due to emergencies.
  • Trägerkreis Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. – an association that runs the Schlau-Schule initiative to provide schooling to refugee children and young people who are not (yet) ready to be integrated into the existing public education system.

And for next year, we’re looking forward to being a gold sponsor of Team Rynkeby – hohes C. This initiative involves a European charity cycling team that rides every year from bases in Germany and the Nordic countries to Paris. They raise funds for organisations helping seriously ill children and their families.

At Brainloop, we really believe that mastering social challenges – and not just business success – depends on people working together.

We wish you all a happy Christmas, a peaceful holiday with your family and a good and healthy start to the new year.


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