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Automatic compliance with regulatory requirements

With Brainloop you make sure that business-critical information is being handled according to compliance regulations.

complying with regulations

As a bank, you need to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as IT governance and compliance policies. One of your biggest challenges is data protection, and complying with regulations governing how your bank protects business-critical information and documents. You’re constantly sharing sensitive content with colleagues and business partners – when collaborating with boards, auditors and group companies, working on financing for private and business customers, and drawing up contracts. How can you ensure this correspondence is both efficient and secure? And how can you achieve automatic and often disparate compliance with national and international laws governing the protection of customer data?  And how do you govern processes associated with the traceable handling and transmission of business-critical information 

Protection and transparency with Brainloop

When you store your important documents in the Brainloop Secure Dataroom, you’re protecting them from unauthorized access. You enable your teams – both internal and those working for business partners outside the bank – to collaborate efficiently, helping you to establish the basis for worry-free, compliant handling of sensitive information. The Brainloop App for Tablets even gives you flexible, secure access to confidential documents on your tablet and lets you view and add comments to them. 

Secure access from anywhere in the world

What you should know

 Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest level of security when collaborating on documents
  • Secure access via web browser from anywhere in the world
  • Secure mobile work with Brainloop for Tablets
  • Tamper-proof audit trail of all actions
  • Compliance with German Federal Data Protection laws
  • Compliance with IT governance policies
  • Quick implementation in existing processes
  • Hassle-free collaboration with externals – no installation required


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