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What’s the best way to help your business partners – including doctors and health insurance firms – collaborate with you securely on documents? You need to share patient information, test results, X-rays and research results quickly and securely with your team and business partners. The need to comply with legal requirements and protect patient confidentiality can make it more difficult to distribute sensitive information within your organization and beyond. After all, unauthorized access to your intellectual property or patient information could cause significant losses and may even threaten the survival of your company.  That’s why you need to minimize the risk.

comply with legal requirements and protect patient confidentiality

ease of use for doctors and hospital staff

Knowing where your data is stored

What’s required is a combination of mobility, security and efficiency, as well as ease of use for doctors and other hospital staff.
With Brainloop, you benefit from end-to-end encryption of your content in storage and can track who does what with your documents. You decide whether you want to use the solution on servers located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, France or Luxemburg, so that the relevant country’s data protection laws apply to your information. By assigning selective permissions, you limit access to your expertise and your data and specify which members of your team are allowed to view, save or print documents. You can even integrate the solution into your existing core applications using the API.
Brainloop enables you to securely share confidential, electronic patient data with people inside and outside your organization, and gives you secure storage for your clinical studies and research results.

What you should know

 Your benefits at a glance

  • Secure sharing of highly confidential personal information and analysis results with internal staff and external partners
  • Brainloop Mobile enables you to work securely and efficiently
  • Editing options tailored to your needs with the granular permissions system
  • Traceability and transparency help you comply with regulatory requirements


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