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Research, offer, protect

You’re working in a clinical research organization or perhaps in a biotech, pharma or chemical company. When you work with your teams and with external specialists, you depend on completely secure communication channels in order to share confidential documents like dossiers and SUSAR reports.  In research and development projects, you’re collaborating with specialists around the world. And in out-licensing projects, you need to ensure that several potential buyers can access your research results – securely, conveniently, and simultaneously while remaining hidden from each other. Whatever happens, you need the highest level of security, because unauthorized access to your data could cause significant losses and may even sound the death knell for your company. And you can’t allow that to happen.

enabling life sciences companies to collaborate securely

all activities in the data room are documented

Know where your data are located

With Brainloop, you benefit from end-to-end encryption for the storage of your intellectual property and can track and trace every movement of your studies, dossiers and contracts. You can decide whether you want to use the solution on servers in the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland or Luxemburg, each safeguarded by their national data protection laws. You can be selective about permissions to limit the number of people with access to your knowledge and specify which members of your team can view, save or print documents. The same goes for outlicensing projects – you determine who can view your offering. As all activities in the data room are documented, you always have an overview of the situation and can assess more easily which bidders are serious about making a purchase.  Brainloop also supports your work with definable security categories, which facilitate compliance with regulations on handling confidential business information and with your own internal security policies. 

What you should know

 Your benefits at a glance

  • Availability of dossiers for several bidders simultaneously
  • Mapping of each of your projects
  • Easier identification of serious potential buyers
  • Simple management (EGNO local installation is necessary)
  • Risk mitigation due to compliance with security regulations


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