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Keep your competitive edge and protect your company’s expertise

Set new benchmarks in your company: top-flight information security + efficient collaboration + transparency = market success

Whatever the size of your company, meeting your customers’ needs is what counts. At the same time, you need to protect your intellectual property from industrial espionage while working as efficiently as possible with your customers and suppliers. Working in a team is the only way to bring new products and solutions to market and keep pace with your competitors over the long term. To achieve this goal, you need to provide your suppliers, contract partners and advisers with access to confidential documents before your products come to market. However, you must also prevent research and development results from falling into the wrong hands, while still complying with regulatory requirements and laws. How can you manage all this? By using the Brainloop Secure Dataroom, which ensures that your and your staff have a secure way to work on, share and store your business documents.  

protect your intellectual property

SaaS in certified datacenters

Choice of datacenter

As soon as you make your documents available in the data room, you can start working efficiently and securely with your teams and partners around the globe. Brainloop is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, making it easy and intuitive for you to comply with security regulations governing the way confidential information must be handled. The solution includes an integrated permissions system that enables you to control how your information is used, while the audit trail function ensures you always have up-to-date information on the status of your project. The solution’s transparent and traceable processes help you comply with regulatory and internal security requirements. You decide whether you want the service to operate on servers in the  UK, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland or Luxemburg,  enabling compliance with – and the benefits of – the relevant national data protection laws. Your documents are also protected from access by IT staff in the datacenters. 

What you should know

Your benefits at a glance

  •  High level of information security contributes to your competitive edge
  • Worldwide availability ensures cost-effective project processes
  • Integration in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and SAP ERP supports intuitive compliance with security regulations on handling confidential documents
  • SaaS in certified datacenters in UK, Germany, Switzerland  and Luxemburg – all with operator shielding 
  • Transparent, traceable processes facilitate compliance with  internal policies and regulatory requirements


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«The solution was integrated in our Extranet, is easy to use and guarantees the powerful and fast sharing of confidential documents. Also, all actions within the dataroom are documented by an auditing system. These features increase the efficiency of our workflows.»

Ralf Pichler, IT Security Manager
Voith IT Solutions

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