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Brainloop Ranked 'Best in Test'

Com! Professional, a top technology magazine ranks Brainloop's Secure Dataroom 'Best in Test'.  

Having tested various data room solutions, Com! Professional announces that Brainloop is the best at adapting to a company’s security strategy.

Brainloop's Secure Dataroom provides a traditional dataroom with advanced collaboration functionality. Access to the platform can be protected with two-factor authentication. Along with a user name and password, users also need a one-time pin that is sent to their mobile phone by SMS or email. 

Brainloop’s web interface is very intuitive to use. The menu is divided up into areas including Info, Folders, News, Calendar, Watchlist, Dataroom Reports and Dataroom Administration. On the left, users can see a traditional tree structure with the stored documents and folders. Like Windows, it shows a list of recently-used folders and files, which we found very practical.

To upload documents, users simply drag and drop several documents at once. The platform provides an automatic extraction function for zip files which asks users how they want to deal with any duplicate files. We put an EICAR virus test string into a few files and the Brainloop software detected those and did not upload. However, it showed us a cryptic error message to tell this.

Users can choose between four security options for file uploads. An example would be - No Security Category, Public, Confidential and Strictly Confidential. Documents categorised as Confidential can only be downloaded as a PDF with a watermark, while the Strictly Confidential option only allows the document to be read on-screen. The No Security Category and Public options enable users to edit the documents.

Very well equipped

Brainloop scores good points for its advanced collaboration functionality which includes tailored business solutions for Board and Committee Communications, Corporate Governance and Secure Collaboration, M&A and Due Diligence, etc.

Document publishing, in the sense of approval and publishing within the group, is included in the Brainloop repertoire along with a calendar and milestone function for project work. Appointments comprise of a place, a description and the participant list as well as document attachments from the dataroom. If an organiser marks an appointment as private, it can only be seen by other members of the dataroom. If it is not marked private, it can be seen by all the users connected to the organiser.

Brainloop is very well equipped with features, which also include the automatic versioning, PDF conversion and “freezing” of documents.

Overall, Brainloop’s dataroom administration is easy to manage, even for less experienced admins.


Pros - integrated and secure file transfer. Freezing of document version

Cons - cryptic message when it finds a virus


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