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Estama transacts sale of over 150 properties with Brainloop's Dataroom

With numbers of commercial transactions growing rapidly, Estama improves the efficiency of its document-review and document-sharing process. 

Property purchasing and leasing is complex and the process varies from country to country. In addition there are multiple parties involved in each transaction including investors, lawyers, surveyors, agents and owners – each with their own role to play. A secure online platform can help manage the real estate portfolio - faster, smarter and more secure.

Christian Bodtke, Investment Executive at Estama, a specialist in commercial real estate, commented «The platform we chose had to be user-friendly, accessible from any internet connection, secure, easy to manage, have a simple reporting structure – and be cost-effective.» 

In 2013 Estama rolled out Brainloop’s Secure Dataroom, a secure, document-centric virtual workspace that allows users to view, annotate and share all the documents relevant to a specific transaction. The platform currently has 125 users that include Estama staff and external parties such as lawyers and bidders and has been used as the primary document sharing tool in the sale of more than 150 properties.

Christian Bodtke continued: «Many of the documents we have are sensitive and the last thing we want is for confidential information to be passed round the market. I use the Dataroom every day. On average I probably log on around twenty times each day to upload documents, review material, download and share paperwork. The ability to set different permissions for different areas of the Dataroom helps enormously.»

«The Brainloop Dataroom allows us to capture and keep a record of all documents related to a transaction including where amendments have been made, who has accessed them and where they have been sent.»

Read the full case study here.


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