Pro Global powers board meetings and collaboration with Brainloop

Brainloop enabled Pro to become a more unified, efficient and secure business, delivering the capabilities of three products in one consolidated platform.

Pro Global Insurance Solutions plc has been providing outsourcing and consultancy services to the global insurance markets for over 30 years. In order to sustain rapid growth and enhance IT security, it needed to take a holistic approach to corporate data management.

With Brainloop's single platform, Pro streamlined three key business processes:

  • The preparation of board and executive packs
  • Collaboration with external auditors
  • Ensuring business continuity

Mike Dalzell, Company Secretary at Pro said:

“For Pro, Brainloop is more than just a typical board portal or a dataroom service. It helps bring the company together for governance on a number of projects, enabling a one team approach across all territories.” 

To learn more about document and process related challenges Pro Global were facing and see how Brainloop solved these with a single solution, please download our case studyhere.