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Real Estate Management

Manage transactions faster, smarter and more secure. Upload large files, access property information from any device, create comprehensive reports and demonstrate due diligence. 

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The Brainloop Board Solution

For efficient and secure board and committee communications on any device. Create board packs in the native environment with our MS Office Integration.

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Life Sciences Out-Licensing

Brainloop enables life sciences companies to securely share and collaborate on confidential dossiers and SUSAR reports with partners and bidders.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Brainloop Secure Dataroom streamlines the deal process and makes the extremely secure exchange of transaction information easy and effective.

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R & D – IP Protection

Protect your intellectual property from industrial espionage by working securely with external partners in the web-based Brainloop Dataroom.

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Secure Collaboration

Work and collaborate on confidential documents internally and with external partners, while ensuring compliance and security throughout the enterprise.

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Secure e-mail 

Brainloop secures all aspects of the communications with email body and attachment protection. With our MS Office integration, you can securely send documents directly from Outlook. 

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