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What makes the Brainloop Board Portal different?

For Administrators

1. Automated Workflows
Administrators can quickly create, organise and distribute digital board packs as well as make changes in real-time to ensure directors have the latest copy. 

2. Work Natively
Brainloop integrates seamlessly into your business applications including MS Office and Outlook. This means that administrative teams can create and distribute board packs in a native environment as well as drag and drop email attachments directly into the portal.

3. Flexible Licensing - Pay for What you Use
Don't pay for things you don't use or need. Self-provisioning lets you add and remove users, when required.

4. Easy PDF Conversion
Upload or drag and drop files of any format on to the Brainloop platform and automatically convert them into PDF within the portal. 

5. Audit and Reporting
Any information accessed, opened or sent is logged in a tamper-poof audit trail helping you meet compliance. You also get notifications when directors open the pack.

6. Control
Define user access rights by board or committee to make sure that users see what they need to see.

7. Auto Versioning

Versioning is automated so you don't need to worry about managing various versions during a document's lifecycle. 

For Board Members

1. Never Lose Annotations
Annotations are always preserved and remain in the same position even if a meeting pack is updated by an administrator. They are also synced across all devices. Directors can optionally share their comments and annotations with individual users and/or groups.  

2. Any Device
Securely access, view and comment on documents either using the Brainloop Mobile apps, desktop or a laptop. We support all operating systems - Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS.  

3. Easy Navigation and Full Text Search
Brainloop automatically creates a single, simple to navigate PDF that is accompanied by a cover page, contents page and page numbers. Users can also search for words, phrases or clauses. 

4. Online - Offline 
Directors enjoy seamless experience anywhere in the world. Make annotations, vote, add bookmarks, access archived materials from past meetings, and much more.

5. Best in Class Security 
Brainloop operates highly secure ISO 27001 certified data centres in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit. User, administrator and provider shielding ensure that only authorised business users can access the data. 

6. Support
24/7 x 365 days multi-language support for boards, committees and administrators. 

Meeting the challenges of the Company Secretary

Whether Company Secretary, Legal Counsel or Chairman, the challenges around Board papers can be all too familiar – huge amounts of time and money are burnt by slow and inefficient processes.

It’s been reported that UK boards spend over £40,000 a year developing and distributing printed board books, but why? Perhaps it’s the time spent chasing and compiling information and then having to make last minute changes? The costs of the manual process can quickly spiral when you factor in secretarial time, administration, print and courier costs.

It’s also essential to question whether printed materials are secure enough – they can be left anywhere or read by anyone.

Watch our Board Portal in action

The Brainloop Board Portal


Efficient. Flexible. Secure

  • Saves time and money with automated workflow functions – create, distribute and update board packs in a native environment with our Microsoft Office integration.
  • Simplifies Board and Committee Members experience – 24/7 access to board packs with a range of mobile applications for viewing and annotating the information, approval processes and voting.
  • Protects your confidential information with rich security, auditing and reporting functions to meet compliance and security requirements.

The Brainloop Board Portal is a platform for board, executive and administrative teams to manage communications efficiently and securely. It streamlines and simplifies how board materials are created, distributed, reviewed and updated.

With our integration to Microsoft Office, board packs can be easily prepared in a familiar environment and last minute changes are quickly accommodated. You control access to confidential board materials and maintain full visibility of how they are used and by whom.

Meanwhile, your board packs always remain at the directors’ fingertips - securely accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device. The Brainloop solution also accelerates crucial decision-making by allowing directors to vote on issues online, at the same or different times.

Working mobile

Best in Class Security


To help you meet strict compliance requirements, the Brainloop Board Solution automatically creates a tamper-proof audit trail of all user actions, as well as archiving copies of every document for later scrutiny.

Your board materials are encrypted at rest and in transit. And your information is stored where you need it to be – Brainloop operates highly secure certified data centres in the UK, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

Additional security features:

  • User, administrator and provider shielding – only authorised business users can access the data
  • Two factor authentication
  • Customised watermarks
  • Secure applications for all devices


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«As an international law firm, we needed a system that would preserve the confidential nature of the documents we use but at the same time facilitate the easy dissemination of those documents to busy board members often working in different offices or on the move. We use Brainloop’s system to distribute encrypted documents in a secure digital boardroom. Board members have the board papers readily to hand on their iPads including those relating to past meetings. The security and ease of distribution is just what we wanted.»

Graham Stedman
Senior Partner at Nabarro

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