Maximum security, compliance and efficiency in all your board communications.

Brainloop BoardSuite. Next generation board portal with 360° meeting cycle support.

Your Challenge: as Company Secretary, you’re the main contact person and hub for confidential information. You provide board members with all the documents they need in good time. You create the meeting agenda, chase people for information, compile the meeting pack and distribute it to directors only to find out that there are last minute changes to be made. In addition, you take minutes and assign actions and follow-ups. And with all that, you always need to stay on top of everything and keep things under control.

Your Solution: Brainloop BoardSuite – the all-in-one platform for all your board communications. It helps you not only to create and securely distribute meeting documents, but also run your meeting in the portal, taking minutes and assigning actions. And with the cockpit function, you’re always in control and stay on top of things.


The benefits of Brainloop BoardSuite

Maximum confidentiality and compliance for all documents – throughout the meeting cycle

Workflow-driven collation, review and approval of reports

Truly dynamic agendas with drag and drop and built-in minute taking

Digital management of motions tabled by board members

Management cockpit provides optimal overview and centralised management of all meeting-related activity


Process support for reliable legal and procedural compliance

Company Secretaries are having more and more demands placed upon them. Disruptive business models and increasingly rapid transformation processes mean that they need to ensure even more efficiency and effectiveness in their everyday work. Naturally while complying with all regulatory requirements. Brainloop BoardSuite is the answer. The all-in-one platform Brainloop BoardSuite automates and secures the entire meeting cycle as well as protects the documents and resolutions. The benefits are clear – even more efficiency, control, security and productivity.

Areas of application

  • Non-executive director communications
  • Executive team collaboration
  • Board and committee meetings management
  • Online voting and adoption of resolutions
  • Digital management of tabled motions
  • Meeting management

Brainloop BoardSuite. The board portal that goes a decisive step further.

Company Secretaries, IT Managers and Board Members rightly expect a lot from a solution that supports board and committee communications. They have different requirements – and Brainloop BoardSuite fulfils them all. Company Secretaries save time with a streamlined and simplified process for managing board meetings. Your IT staff are happy because it’s a SaaS solution that’s easy to maintain and ensures perfect protection for confidential documents. And Board Members receive, access and use the right information at the right time and in the right format.

For Directors

  • Efficient, intuitive access to information from iPad, iPhone and Windows device
  • Annotations preserved throughout update process and synced across devices
  • Ability to read, comment and collaborate online and offline
  • Online voting and adoption of resolutions

For Company Secretary

  • Automatic board pack creation, distribution and update
  • Truly dynamic agendas built with drag and drop, including automated timings for your meeting
  • Overview of responsibilities and status of documents to be supplied by other departments, listed by agenda item
  • Easy inclusion in the agenda of motions tabled by board members
  • Integrated minutes editor

For IT Administrators

  • Centralised management of security and authentication rules – based on the highest security standards
  • Local servers with high availability and disaster recovery in the same country (DE, AT, CH, FR, UK, LU)
  • Easy deployment of the solution throughout the company


Brainloop BoardSuite is the all-in-one solution for highly-secure, 100% compliant communications between all internal and external board members. The process-oriented interface and automation of multiple tasks enables board officers and company secretaries to handle their challenges with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The integrated management cockpit ensures they always have a complete overview and full control over all processes.

  • Process guidance in the interface provides assurance that procedures are carried out correctly
  • Integrated chat
  • Built-in meeting minutes editor
  • Automatic creation of personalised excerpts from the minutes
  • Export of agenda and minutes to MS Word documents
  • Live update of digital decision-making in meeting minutes
  • Inclusion of information supply chain in creation of board pack

  • Drag and drop document upload
  • Integration of motions tabled by board members
  • Templates for meeting agenda and minutes
  • Automatic inclusion of the agenda in the document collection
  • Dedicated apps available for iPad and Windows tablets
  • Mobile voting and adoption of resolutions
  • Distribution/publication of resolutions

  • Topics can be grouped (e.g. motions, documents for review)
  • Reminder function for people supplying information
  • Digital voting process can be started directly within the agenda
  • Meeting calendar
  • Remote wipe
  • Annotation and commenting functionality


Brainloop BoardSuite. Efficient board communications with leading security architecture

Brainloop BoardSuite is based on the leading security architecture of Brainloop Secure Dataroom, which has been designed for the most stringent business requirements. In its Secure Dataroom concept, Brainloop implemented everything that turns a secure solution into a top-security one. Two-factor authentication; complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client); integrated device management and Information Rights Management (IRM); Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding; and an audit trail of all activities.

  • Secure and efficient collaboration with internal staff and external partners
  • Complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client)
  • Consistent protection of confidential documents right through to the recipient’s desktop (Information Rights Management)

Brainloop Customer Key Store – you are in control!

In addition to an already extremely high level of protection for your documents, the Brainloop Customer Key Store (CKS) adds complete control over essential parts of the cryptographic key chain.

The customer key is hosted in your own infrastructure. At no time Brainloop has access to the customer key.

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