Secure document sharing inside and outside the company

Brainloop MyRoom.The enterprise solution for secure, digital document management.

Your challenge: Sharing confidential information, whether internally or with external business partners, can raise quite a few questions. Is the information really secure while it’s being transmitted? What happens to it once it’s on the recipient’s desktop? And who else has access to it? Along with stringent security and efficiency, another requirement for sharing digital data is adhering to compliance regulations.

Your solution: Brainloop MyRoom – the file sync and share solution that protects confidential documents and information, both within and beyond the firewall.

The benefits of Brainloop MyRoom

Secure storage and sharing of documents with internal staff and external partners

Maximum protection of all confidential documents and information

Flexible configuration of rights management

Traceability of all activities

Cross-industry solution for use in multiple areas


Centralised management, decentralised usage.

In today’s mobile business world, many people use several different devices to access the information they need. Brainloop MyRoom encrypts this information securely, enabling your staff to share and synchronise confidential information. Anywhere in the world and on any device. Multiple well-known companies use Brainloop MyRoom to protect their valuable data. It also allows them to withdraw access rights to locally-stored data at any time and to change their data protection policies whenever necessary.

Use Cases:

  • Sharing information with colleagues in large multinationals
  • Sharing information with external business partners
  • Access to information via mobile devices while travelling

Brainloop MyRoom.The solution that enables you to share information securely — worldwide.

It’s so easy to share confidential information securely. Along with meeting the highest security standards, Brainloop MyRoom can be seamlessly integrated in the company’s infrastructure – and that means users will accept it immediately. Staff work in the usual way, except that they are now complying with all your company’s data protection policies. Sensitive data can no longer be lost because it is encrypted on all devices and synchronised automatically.

Benefits for decision makers

  • Seamless integration in the company’s infrastructure
  • Implementation of compliance requirements
  • Data storage in redundant, ISO 27001-certified datacentres

Benefits for users

  • Easy to share and send files and folders
  • Flexible access via thin desktop client and mobile devices
  • Automatic synchronisation between the central server and all mobile devices

Benefits for administrators

  • Web-based, centralised user administration
  • Highest level of encryption on all devices, on the server and during transmission
  • Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding


Brainloop MyRoom makes it easy to share confidential information in today’s digital business world. Security is provided by a combination of role-based permissions, two-factor authentication and complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client). Automatic synchronisation ensures that data remains consistent, regardless of the device. And all processes are managed centrally, so Brainloop MyRoom also allows you to comply with company policies.

  • Platform-independent access by web browser with no need for plugins
  • Integration in Microsoft Outlook – documents and folders can be sent out as a link
  • Role-based access to folders

  • Sending documents securely – links can be protected with a one-time PIN code (sent by email or SMS), password and expiry date
  • Automatic synchronisation across all clients
  • Custom branding for user interface and URL

  • Document history – traceability of all document-related activities
  • Technology provides highest level of security


As a virtual dataroom solution with a proven security architecture, Brainloop MyRoom fulfils multiple security, governance and compliance requirements. Your data is stored on Brainloop’s own highly failsafe servers, which are always located in the country in which you are running the solution.

Brainloop security highlights:

  • IT security made in Germany, hosted in Germany or elsewhere in Europe
  • Hosting in highly available ISO 27001-certified datacentres
  • Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based allocation of permissions

Brainloop Customer Key Store – you are in control!

In addition to an already extremely high level of protection for your documents, the Brainloop Customer Key Store (CKS) adds complete control over essential parts of the cryptographic key chain.
The customer key is hosted in your own infrastructure. At no time Brainloop has access to the customer key.

Need maximum data security for your company?

Start using your solution today.

MyRoom is the quickest way to start sharing data securely. Users start working with the solution straight away and share documents securely, both internally and with external business partners. No IT knowledge is required to operate the solution. Your company has immediate access to a dataroom available from anywhere in the world – and nobody can use it without your permission.

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