The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SRG is the largest media house in Switzerland with around 6.000 employees. It produces and offers content for its own television and radio stations and an online portal for the four Swiss language regions as well as abroad. In order to increase the company’s communication efficiency, its executive team and board looked for an advanced communication solution. The decision was made in favour of Brainloop BoardRoom.

Old solution insufficient

The teams used to share information by post, email or with an app from another provider. However, the app allowed the distribution of PDF documents on Apple tablets only. That required a huge amount of support whenever the product didn’t work. That is why SRG looked for another, more reliable solution, which the IT department approved of and that met the procurement guidelines, such as certifications for data security, data storage within Switzerland, and data protection.

Searching for the best provider

After the security policy was defined with the chief information security officer, a total of ten appropriate solution providers came into question for SRG. Microsoft SharePoint, the solution suggested by the collaboration team in SRG’s IT did not make it onto the list of possible candidates. In the end, four out of ten providers were shortlisted – and the choice fell on Brainloop. This was the best offer across all evaluation criteria. SRG was finally convinced by Brainloop’s user friendly interface and attractive cost-benefit-ratio.

Efficient, secure, stable

Since the beginning of 2017, the board has been managing and sharing meeting documents exclusively with Brainloop BoardRoom. The central secretary office of SRG use the new solution to manage over 40 board and delegate meetings per year, as well as the meetings of all six committees. Besides, about 50 per cent of the company’s executive team and special advisors use the service. Overall, Brainloop BoardRoom currently has about 50 users at SRG.

Most people use the solution on their iPads, although a few also use Windows or Mac computers. SRG’s staff who need to work on large Excel spreadsheets are especially happy about the browser functionality. Sharing these spreadsheets wasn’t possible with the previous solution. Generally, the users are very satisfied. As well as saving a lot of paper, Brainloop’s usability means that people work more efficiently. Another plus is that the system is very reliable and stable and thus almost no support is required. This year, SRG plans to extend the use of the system beyond meeting preparation to increase the benefit of the system even further.


Board,  Success Story

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