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Our solutions provide you with enterprise-class security.

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Secure collaboration beyond the enterprise bounderies

Brainloop offers you everything from one source for the management of confidential documents and information - easy to use and with the highest possible security.

Want to be sure the right people have access to the right document at the right time? Keep all documents in one place, organized the way you want: by department, by project, or by owner. Brainloop makes sure that your documents are securely managed, even when they're sent outside your company: You control who sees them and how.

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With Brainloop you don't need special tools to do your job. If you use Microsoft Office or IBM Notes you already have what you need - Brainloop works seamlessly in the background.

Learn about the MS Office Integration

Does your Board need a specialized solution to help manage its confidential work? Or is your company involved in mergers, or licensing Intellectual Property or any other confidential business processes? Brainloop provides a selection of purpose built solutions to help.

Learn about the Secure Dataroom

Brainloop doesn't care how you work; online or offline you get access to the information you need wherever you are and whatever device you use. Brainloop can even manage mobile devices centrally.

More about Brainloop for tablets

Need to send files or emails securely? With Brainloop you don't need PGP keys, special servers, or a separate email system. Just use Microsoft Outlook to send emails, even with attachments, and no one, apart from the intended recipients, sees them; not even your IT team, or Brainloop employees.

Learn about securely sending emails

Even if you only need our secure file sharing and syncing capability today, what about tomorrow? Brainloop is designed to work across the whole enterprise. We have a purpose built interface to the SAP ERP system and our Secure API's (Application Programming Interfaces) even allow you to write your own programs to link to Brainloop!

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