The solution for efficient Board Management


Brainloop MeetingSuite.


The tool for modern meeting management and decision-making.


Available Hosting in Germany
and Switzerland.

The advantages of Brainloop MeetingSuite

Collaboration with clear rules

User management with clear authorisations for your data security.

Audit Trail

Changes are clearly logged and traceable.

Brainloop Flows

Modern and efficient work with flows reduces repetitive tasks and saves time.

Anytime, anywhere

Access to documents and votes simply by using the iOS app.

Best-in-class security

To protect your documents and processes.


Involve all meeting participants usefully, effectively, and compliantly

Security, compliance, and efficiency are of utmost importance in modern corporate communications. With the innovative Brainloop MeetingSuite, these are guaranteed for the entire lifecycle of meetings and beyond. It not only takes care of the process of creating and distributing meeting materials, but also ensures that they are delivered securely and compliantly. This includes secure use of the meeting results.


  • Supervisory board communication
  • Executive management communication
  • Boardroom communication
  • Team communication
  • Online decision-making
  • Digital proposal management
  • Meeting management
The Brainloop MeetingSuite at a glance.


  • Brainloop Flows automatise and digitalise your board processes.
  • Automatic creation of documents, such as resolutions and agendas, in Microsoft Word format.
  • Digital decision-making including voting on iOS app and audit trail.
  • Brainloop Flows are fully configurable and can be adapted to your board processes.
  • Prepare agendas with only a few mouse clicks by using meeting templates.
  • Smart Connector: You are already using Brainloop BoardRoom? Connect Brainloop Flows with Brainloop BoardRoom and benefit from the additional advantages of the MeetingSuite.


  • The private and secure data room for every MeetingSuite user.
  • Secure file sharing of documents via link. Additional security through PIN, password, watermark and read-only view.
  • Share folders to allow other users to work on documents in your data room.


  • The data room for collaborative work.
  • Individual rights assigned to folders and files enable detailed authorisation structures.
  • Individual members of TeamRooms can be managed easily and transparently by using groups.
  • Lock files that are being edited to prevent undesired changes.
  • TeamRooms allow secure and specific settings to protect your confidential documents.


Brainloop MeetingSuite is based on the leading security architecture of Brainloop Secure Dataroom, which has been designed for the most stringent business requirements. In its Secure Dataroom concept, Brainloop implemented everything that turns a secure solution into a top-security one. Two-factor authentication; complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client); Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding; and an audit trail of all activities.

  • Over 20 years of experience as a provider for secure Cloud Computing
  • Encryption of database and file system
  • Failsafe and ISO-certified data centers in Germany and Switzerland
  • External security audits of our applications several times a year

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