The professional platform for communication in teams

Brainloop MeetingSuite. The platform for secure and efficient conduct of meetings with automated preparation and follow-up processes for teams and boards inside and outside the company.

Your challenge: Decision-makers or board members are responsible for the successful conduct of meetings. Many processes must be considered in order to navigate the agenda effectively and carry out the jointly agreed decisions and tasks successfully. Recurring content and processes, such as meeting templates and minute taking, must be continuously recorded and sent to the distribution list.

Your solution: Brainloop MeetingSuite – a platform that uses automated processes to help the team set agendas and conduct meetings, so as to achieve a successful outcome for all participants through 360-degree optimization of the meeting process.

You are currently using Brainloop Boardroom and you are interested in the benefits of pre- and post-meeting management?
MeetingSuiteCONNECT  is the right solution! Please reach out to your contact person at Brainloop for a demo.

The advantages of Brainloop MeetingSuite

Fast and intuitive access to information and documents via iPad, iPhone, or Windows

Efficient preparation and distribution of minutes in Meeting Flow

Quick access to meeting documents and all relevant information

Mobile voting and decision-making

Maximum security, both online and offline


Involve all meeting participants usefully, effectively, and compliantly

Security, compliance, and efficiency are of utmost importance in modern corporate communications. With the innovative Brainloop MeetingSuite, these are guaranteed for the entire lifecycle of meetings and beyond. It not only takes care of the process of creating and distributing meeting materials, but also ensures that they are delivered securely and compliantly. This includes secure use of the meeting results.


  • Supervisory board communication
  • Executive management communication
  • Boardroom communication
  • Team communication
  • Online decision-making
  • Digital proposal management
  • Meeting management

Brainloop MeetingSuite. A clear, structured, and highly secure environment for successfully organizing and conducting meetings at management levels

A solution for all decision-makers and boards in companies with particularly exacting requirements for secure and efficient communication with their team members.  Brainloop MeetingSuite takes many different aspects into account. Board officers and team assistants are given a versatile and extremely powerful tool that helps them keep control of the day-to-day challenges of managing meetings, discussions, and decisions, professionally and securely. IT staff welcome a maintenance-friendly SaaS solution that optimally protects trusted documents, while decision-makers and board members benefit from all the system’s advantages in being able to receive the right information at the right time and in the right format, allowing them to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

Advantages for meeting participants:

  • Efficient, intuitive access to information via iPad, iPhone, and Windows
  • Reading and commenting online and offline
  • Online decision-making

Advantages for those preparing the meeting:

  • Simple, automated creation of meeting folders
  • Simple agenda preparation
  • Overview of responsibilities and status of document delivery per agenda item
  • Simple inclusion of proposals in the agenda
  • Minutes editor for automatic preparation and distribution of individual minutes excerpts

Advantages for administrators:

  • Central management of security and authentication rules, meeting the highest security standards
  • Local servers with high availability and disaster recovery inside the country
  • Simple rollout of the solution within the company


Brainloop MeetingSuite is a comprehensive communications solution for optimally secure decision-making communication across all internal and external participants. Thanks to its process-oriented user interface and the automation of numerous processes, Brainloop MeetingSuite helps boards and teams to meet the growing challenges they face with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The integrated management cockpit ensures a comprehensive overview and complete control of all processes at all times.

  • Reliable handling through process control at the user interface
  • Integrated chat
  • Minutes editor
  • Automatic creation of individual minutes excerpts
  • Export of agenda and minutes to MS Word documents
  • Live update of digital voting in the minutes
  • Integration of supply chain in the preparation of the meeting folder
  • Document upload via drag and drop

  • Digitalized integration of proposals
  • Agenda and minutes templates
  • Automatic preparation of agenda document in Meeting Agenda
  • Dedicated apps available for iPad and Windows tablets
  • Mobile decision-making
  • Distribution and/or publication of resolutions

  • Management of topics (e.g., proposals, resubmissions, etc.) in a list
  • Reminder function for suppliers
  • Digital voting can be launched directly from within the agenda
  • Meeting calendar
  • Notes and comments




Brainloop MeetingSuite is based on the leading security architecture of Brainloop Secure Dataroom, which has been designed for the most stringent business requirements. In its Secure Dataroom concept, Brainloop implemented everything that turns a secure solution into a top-security one. Two-factor authentication; complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client); integrated device management and Information Rights Management (IRM); Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding; and an audit trail of all activities.

  • Secure and efficient collaboration with internal staff and external partners
  • Complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client)
  • Consistent protection of confidential documents right through to the recipient’s desktop (Information Rights Management)

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