Share information securely during strategic transactions

Brainloop DealRoom. The high-security solution for strictly confidential M&A, due diligence and outlicensing projects.

Your Challenge: Before an IPO, a takeover or a due diligence exercise, you need to be sure that all the information is protected and that no-one can tamper with any processes. The same goes for your next M&A project – it will only succeed if advisors, investors, lawyers and your client can view the sale documents anonymously and if the bids stay strictly confidential right up until the transaction.

Your solution: Brainloop DealRoom – The high-security digital platform for sharing large data volumes in all stages of a deal.

The benefits of Brainloop DealRoom

Quick start as DealRoom is available immediately and populated automatically

Controlled access with integrated rights management and tracking of every activity

Easy to use

Security that surpasses market standards

No need to install any software or plug-ins


Keep potential buyers informed – with the highest level of discretion.

With Brainloop DealRoom, you can make all the relevant information available to all participants simultaneously while protecting the identity of bidders at every stage. You can also count on this discretion if your company is about to undergo a due diligence check, if you want to get all interested parties around a virtual table in a property deal, or if you’re involved in a biotech outlicensing project and need the highest level of protection for your dossier.

Use Cases:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Due diligence checks
  • Property transactions
  • Biotech outlicensing
  • Calls for tender

Brainloop DealRoom. The dataroom solution that protects transaction projects right up to their conclusion.

Brainloop DealRoom lets you guide your transaction project to a successful conclusion – quickly and securely. You can get started right away – even if you need to make hundreds of feasibility studies, reports and financial overviews available to all the bidders. Consultants, advisors and bidders don’t need to install any software – they simply access the information with their browser. The solution is available from anywhere in the world and reliably protected against unauthorised access.

Benefits for deal managers

  • Rapid availability, organisation and population of the dataroom
  • Automatic indexing of dataroom content with easy adaptation of document structure
  • Integrated Q&A module for fast, structured responses to a wide range of questions

Benefits for bidders and advisors

  • No need to install software – users only need a web browser
  • Easy access to content anytime and from any location
  • Easy to use with no knowledge of IT

Benefits for IT administration

  • Centralised license and storage space management with daily pro rata billing
  • Centralised management of security and authentication rules
  • Easy roll-out of the solution in the company


Brainloop DealRoom is a high-security dataroom for sharing large volumes of data at every stage of an M&A process – quickly and efficiently. Advisors, investors, lawyers and clients are always well informed about the project and can react immediately, which helps you conclude the deal significantly faster. Integrated Chinese walls ensure that highly confidential information stays that way.

  • Q&A module with graphical reports
  • Personalised watermarks are generated automatically
  • Time limit for access
  • Archive export

  • Dataroom index and automatic indexing
  • Chinese walls
  • Granular permissions management
  • Two-factor authentication

  • Acceptance of terms of use is a precondition to be granted access
  • Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators


Brainloop DealRoom. The virtual dataroom solution with a leading security architecture and a audit trail of all activities.

Brainloop DealRoom is based on a leading security architecture that has been developed for the most demanding business requirements. It includes everything that makes the difference between a secure dataroom and a high-security dataroom:

two-factor authentication, complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client),  integration of Information Rights Management (IRM), Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding as well as an audit trail of all activities.

Need maximum data security for your company?

Start using your solution today.

DealRoom is quick and easy to implement and intuitive to use. Users who work on PCs can already start working with the solution after a brief introduction to it. No IT knowledge is required to operate the secure solution. Your company has immediate access to a dataroom available from anywhere in the world – and nobody can use it without your permission.

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