Efficient and secure meeting management

Brainloop BoardRoom. The efficient solution for highly confidential board meeting communications.

Your challenge: Members of executive and supervisory boards need the latest versions of documents so that they can prepare for board meetings properly. That’s why your board office or company secretary needs a professional application that enables staff to prepare digital board meeting folders efficiently and distribute them securely. Especially if there are often last minute changes. Your IT people also demand maximum protection for confidential information.

Your solution: Brainloop BoardRoom -the digital platform that makes board communications more professional while adhering to stringent compliance requirements.

The benefits of Brainloop BoardRoom

Secure and efficient board communications

All decision-related information at a glance

Maximum protection for all confidential information and documents

Efficient planning for meetings due to digitalisation of all meeting processes in company secretary’s office

Easy and secure access to board meeting documents from a wide range of mobile devices


The right information at the right time.

With innovation cycles getting shorter, today’s board members need to make far-reaching decisions faster and more often, so they need extensive information based on facts. That’s why digitalising information is crucial for decision-making activities at the highest level – it makes them much more professional, while traceable processes reduce liability risk. And the risk of loss or theft is eliminated when the data is stored in a high-security environment.

Use Cases:

  • Supervisory board communications
  • Executive board communications


  • Management committee work in public organisations, cooperatives, charities and associations

Brainloop BoardRoom. The board solution that gives you secure access to key documents at all times.

As a board member, you may have different demands on your board solution than your board office or company secretary. Brainloop BoardRoom keeps everyone happy. Your company secretarial staff, because they can prepare board meetings faster and more efficiently. Board members like you, because you always have the latest information at your fingertips and can be sure that decisions are logged in a audit trail of all activities. Your IT people, because the data benefits from the highest levels of protection – even on mobile devices.

Benefits for board members

  • Efficient and intuitive access to information on iPad, iPhone and Windows tablets
  • Read and add comments online and offline
  • Pass resolutions online

Benefits for the board office

  • Easy, automated creation of board meeting folders
  • Upload documents by drag and drop
  • Make changes right up to the last minute

Benefits for administrators

  • Centralised management of security and authentication rules using the highest security standards
  • Local servers with high availability and disaster recovery in the DACH region
  • Easy roll-out of the solution throughout the company


Brainloop BoardRoom is the professional solution for secure and efficient communication in company boards. Its wide range of functions helps board offices and company secretaries prepare meeting folders and ensure they are always up to date, even when there are last-minute changes. Executives and board members can read highly confidential meeting documents on their desktop or mobile device – because the highest level of data security comes as standard.

  • Availability of dedicated apps for mobile platforms
  • Meeting calendar (with link to meeting folder)
  • Mobile decision making
  • Rules for appointing representatives
  • Notes and comments

  • Full-text search, bookmarks
  • Remote Wipe
  • Document upload by drag-and-drop
  • Automated creation of board meeting folder
  • Folder updated when individual documents are modified

  • Integrated rights management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Controlled access to documents
  • Time limit for access
  • Document editing with the integrated document management system
  • Audit trail of all activities


Brainloop BoardRoom. Efficient board communication with leading security architecture.

Brainloop BoardRoom is based on a leading security architecture that has been developed for the most demanding business requirements. It includes everything that makes the difference between a secure dataroom and a high-security dataroom: two-factor authentication, complete encryption at highest standards at rest, transit and on mobile devices (apps/client), integration of device management and Information Rights Management (IRM),  Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding as well as a audit trail of all activities.

  • IT security made in Germany, hosted in Germany or elsewhere in Europe
  • Hosting in highly available ISO 27001-certified datacentres
  • Operator Protection – Defence in depth protection against malicious operators and administrator shielding
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based allocation of permissions

Need maximum data security for your company?

Start using your solution today.

BoardRoom is quick and easy to implement and intuitive to use. Users who work on PCs can already start working with the solution after a brief introduction to it.

No IT knowledge is required to operate the secure solution. Your company has immediate access to a dataroom available from anywhere in the world – and nobody can use it without your permission.

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