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If you're facing the challenge of keeping confidential files safe, meeting corporate confidentiality policies and simultaneously collaborating with people outside your corporate network, Brainloop is here to help you.

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When we founded the company in 2000, we saw businesses making major gains in productivity and competitiveness by using the Internet to collaborate with external partners. But the same tools that made collaboration so effective also wreaked havoc on the security and control over information distribution that companies relied on.
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Thousands of users on six continents rely on Brainloop's London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and Zug offices and a network of international partners for exceptional service and support. Contact us to find out how Brainloop helps companies like BMW, ThyssenKrupp and Deloitte, and how we can help you!


Hans Strack-Zimmermann
Hans Strack-Zimmermann
Chairman of the supervisory board
Hans Strack-Zimmermann co-founded and was CTO of IXOS Software AG, a leading provider of solutions for the management of eBusiness documents.  Under his leadership IXOS grew from a start-up to a company with offices in 17 countries and over 900 employees. In October 1998 IXOS was the first German software company whose stock was listed on both the Neuer Markt and the NASDAQ stock exchanges. In addition, he serves on the board of update software AG and as managing director of Inventment GmbH.
Bernhard Wöbker
Member of the Executive Board

Bernhard Woebker is a seasoned Software and IT Executive with significant international experience at both large companies as well as start-ups, where he has been active as a business angel and early stage investor since 1986.

Bernhard began his career as a software engineer with Nixdorf Computer AG, where he held various positions, among them President and CEO of Nixdorf, U.S.A., in charge of building up the company's U.S. operations from scratch. He also held senior positions at Pyramid, NeXT and Versant, and served as an advisor to Warburg Pincus. Bernhard Wöbker is member of the board at several technology companies in Germany and the USA. The former CEO of Brainloop is now a member of the Brainloop Board. Prior to joining Brainloop, Bernhard was CEO, president and chairman of Versant Corporation, a listed enterprise software company, headquartered in Redwood, California (USA).

Dr. Herbert May
Dr. Herbert
Member of the Executive Board

Dr. May held various positions at the Alcatel group in Germany and France. He served as head of the group's Business Systems division before being named CEO of DeTeSystems in 1994. 

He actively contributed to the growth of this wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom (now known as T-Systems) to serve 200 of Germany's biggest companies. In 1995, Dr. May was appointed to the board of Management of Deutsche Telecom AG responsible for network and multimedia solutions and business customers. Today he runs his own consulting and investment firm and holds boardseats in companies specialized in telecommunications and multimedia or is advising them. Main activities are in Germany, France and US.

Elmar Meid
Elmar Meid
Member of the Executive Board

Since 2015, Elmar Meid has been CEO of BayernLB Capital Partner GmbH, an investment firm focused on German SMBs.

Elmar Meid previously worked at BayernLB for over 20 years and was principally involved in restructuring activities for large enterprise customers and in the management of shareholdings. Elmar Meid is a member of several supervisory boards and advisory committees at companies in the telecommunication, machine building and automotive industries. Elmar Meid holds a degree in business administration from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Markus Seyfried
Markus Seyfried
Member of the Executive Board

Markus Seyfried is a co-founder of Brainloop AG and for many years managed the company himself as CTO. He has extensive experience in document management systems and security solutions.

Markus Seyfried holds a degree in mathematics and began his career at Siemens. In 1988 he moved to IXOS as CTO of IXOS Software AG, heading up product management, software development and customer service.

He came to Brainloop as CTO in 2001, shortly after the company was founded, and until 2016 was a driving force behind the ongoing development of the Brainloop product portfolio and the company’s evolution into a leading European provider of secure online collaboration solutions.


Thomas Deutschmann
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Deutschmann holds a degree in computer sciences and looks back at more than 20 years of experience in the IT and software industry. 

Deutschmann held management positions in Sales, Business Development and Services at Compaq, Netscape and Sequent Computer Systems. He also founded his own company, Mybau. Deutschmann, who had been a member of Brainloop’s supervisory board from 2001 until 2015, was previously CEO of Update Software AG, a publicly-listed CRM provider. 

As CEO of Brainloop, Thomas Deutschmann is responsible for defining and implementing the company’s business strategy. He will also be tasked with ensuring that the firm achieves its operational goals.

Dr. Eike Schmidt
Dr. Eike
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Eike Schmidt holds a doctorate in computer science and has many years’ experience in the management of midsized software companies.

Prior to joining Brainloop in 2017, he was CTO of MACH AG, a software and consulting company specialising in ERP and ECM. Schmidt previously also worked for BOND GmbH & Co KG (now OCLC), ChipVision Design Systems AG and Kuratorium OFFIS e.V.

As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Eike Schmidt heads up product management and software development. He also manages service, which includes the support and operations areas.