Modern Governance

Modern Governance creates a framework that provides organizations with the technologies, information, and processes needed for sound enterprise management.

Digitization exposes companies to completely new challenges and risks—not only in day-to-day operations but also regarding corporate governance and monitoring. Top managers are aware that they need to set an example. Yet, many management team members still struggle to keep up with the rapid speed of digital transformation. The result: corporate governance that does not meet state-of-the-art standards.

Our mission is to enable companies to master digitization. Our Modern Governance solutions ensure security and compliance when dealing with confidential documents.

Is Modern Governance already on your agenda?

Maximum protection for all confidential documents and information

Efficient and secure collaboration within the company and with external stakeholders

Efficient meeting management thanks to workflow-based work streams

Need-based, real-time supply of information

Access at any time via mobile devices or web application

Brainloop MeetingSuite

For executive and supervisory boards

With the Brainloop Board Portal for executive and supervisory boards, smooth and efficient information processes are effortless. You can use MeetingSuite to prepare meeting documents, create agendas, integrate suppliers, manage previously received applications, document resolutions, and ensure a professional wrap-up.

Our digital support solution provides you with a platform that facilitates efficient and secure communications, even outside of meetings—paving the way to Modern Governance.

Brainloop CollaborationRoom

With this Brainloop solution for secure collaboration, you can ensure that you retain control over your confidential information, while at the same time enabling efficient digital collaboration. Data is always encrypted, and access can be limited down to individual employees or documents thanks to sophisticated authorization management. Even the administrator does not have access. This way you can put a stop to unintentional data leaks.

The comprehensive protection scheme allows you to strengthen IT and data governance in your company, both of which are important cornerstones of Modern Governance.

Brainloop DealRoom

This solution for M&A transactions allows you to provide access to relevant information to all parties involved, while at the same time protecting the identity of bidders in all phases. Discretion is also guaranteed when your company is about to undergo a due diligence check, you would like to bring together all interested parties in a real estate transaction at a virtual table, or require maximum protection of your files in a biotech out-licensing project.

Our Dataroom solutions protect your transactions, and thus your corporate assets. They ensure that your negotiations remain confidential and you benefit from transparent processes—very much in line with modern governance.

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