To ensure maximum visibility and transparency, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the measures that Brainloop has taken over the past week to ensure that our products and services continue to be fully available and accessible even as the COVID-19 epidemic progresses.

We know that many are overwhelmed by the current events and the prospect of the ensuing economic uncertainty. We want to re-assure you that you can rely on the continued availability of Brainloop’s solutions during this on-going crisis.

Secure Infrastructure and Communication

We are fully committed to maintaining the security, availability, and accessibility of all Brainloop product services worldwide, including continually improving and releasing new product features to meet your comprehensive governance needs.

Support Resources

Brainloop’s Customer Success and Support Teams will continue to operate normally and are available to assist our customers with all requests.

Staying in Touch

We have restricted all business travel for Brainloop employees and adjusted our internal work structure to minimize any potential risks to our workplaces. As a result, we have decided to move all customer meetings online until further notice.

As a company that strives to improve governance practices, Brainloop uses best-in-class audio and video communication and messaging tools. While nothing can replace in-person meetings entirely, we will make the best use of these technologies to ensure that we can keep in touch with our clients until the current public health risks have subsided.

Protecting Our Workforce

Over the past weeks, Brainloop worked on scaling up our infrastructure for secure remote work to ensure that all our employees have the necessary tools and technology handy for working from home. Protecting the health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance to Brainloop.

Deepening the Partnership with Our Clients

We highly value your partnership with Brainloop and your dedication to modern governance, especially during this time of great uncertainty.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback on how Brainloop can better support you and your organization during this on-going crisis. Your trusted Brainloop account managers are available for you via email and over the phone.

Stay safe and healthy!


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