Brainloop AG, the leading DACH market provider of highly secure enterprise communications solutions, has launched a new major investment in the company’s proprietary product roadmap as well as in the corresponding state-of-the-art BSI C5 certifications of its security infrastructure.


“In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, Brainloop is intensifying the further development of its IX MeetingSuite product. We are thus delighted to offer our DACH market customers a cutting-edge next-generation executive governance solution operated and governed by Brainloop AG.”

– Dr. Ulf Gartzke, CEO, Brainloop AG


At the same time, Brainloop will also make targeted investments in its existing BDRS flagship platform to provide our customers with a superior product experience while intensifying the development of IX MeetingSuite.

Building on our successful 2020 Cloud Vendor Assessment (CVA) – where we collaborated closely with renowned external partners such as Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation (DCSO) and Fraunhofer AISEC – Brainloop has also decided to obtain BSI C5 certifications for both our BDRS and next-generation IX platforms to guarantee state-of-the-art security standards for all our customers.

In the coming months, our organization will come to reflect this clear commitment to delivering optimal BDRS and IX solutions for our DACH customers. All processes and resources will be directed towards this goal.

Brainloop has therefore appointed an experienced new technology leader effective April 1, 2021 and is also pleased to continue its close cooperation with DCSO on the further refinement of its security strategy. These measures are designed to ensure that we successfully deliver on all our product development and security investment commitments.


Thank you again for your partnership and trust in Brainloop.

Dr. Ulf Gartzke




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