What makes good customer service really stand out? The fact that’s it’s available round the clock? Ensures every customer has a contact person? Or that it solves problems quickly? Probably a bit of all that and more. Good customer service doesn’t stop with a response to customer queries – it encourages staff to proactively contact customers to establish a feeling of customer proximity. Brainloop’s well aware of that. That’s why we have people across multiple departments who strive every day to achieve the same goal: the well-being and satisfaction of our customers.

A one-stop source of information: the Customer Service Portal

The centralised information hub for our customers is the Customer Service Portal, which arranges details of all the various products and platforms and helps you to stay up to date. And we’ve recently given it a completely new look and feel. The relaunch gives the portal a fresher appearance and we’ve completely reworked all the content too. A key enhancement is the integrated navigation on the home page, which structures the information into subject areas and makes it easier and quicker for you to find what you’re looking for.

In the first navigation tab, News, we regularly post information about new updates and releases for the various local platforms of Secure Dataroom and MyRoom in their web, mobile and desktop versions. You’ll also find information in the news section on all planned maintenance work and any malfunctions on the various platforms. To ensure you always stay up to date, you can subscribe to the news articles as an RSS feed and the maintenance announcements as an email alert. Just check out these links:

Another tab – and one of the most valuable resources on the customer service portal – is the Documentation section. This is where you’ll find all the helpful information you need about BoardRoom, DealRoom, CollaborationRoom, BoardSuite Flows and MyRoom – from guides to manuals to release notes – separated into the web, mobile and desktop versions. If you have a specific problem and can’t find the answer in this section, you can use our practical Knowledge Base that provides additional help for specific issues in a FAQ format. You can also use one of our Quick Guides for step-by-step instructions with screenshots to help you with specific use cases.

The new navigation layout also includes useful software downloads, such as the Secure Client and the Brainloop Authenticator that make it easier to work with the various products. You’ll also find several templates there for reports or security policies.

Most of the documents on the Customer Service Portal are publicly accessible. Exceptions include more detailed technical information for which you’ll need to log in – just contact your Dataroom Centre Administrator if you need help with this. Along with English, French and German, the relaunched portal now also supports Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Just choose the language you want in the navigation bar.

Expert insight from Brainloop Support

If you don’t manage to find an answer to your question on our Customer Service Portal or prefer to talk to someone, feel free to contact our Support – a further elementary service that’s available to customers 24/7 and 365 days a year. Regardless of whether you have a login problem, want to know how to reset your password or have a different question, our experts in the support team are on hand to help you whenever you need them – in English, German or French.

Don’t hesitate to contact us – either by phone on +49 89 444 699 84 or by mail at support@brainloop.com.

Additional services

With our Professional Service Team, you have another dedicated resource that’s happy to help if you have more complex questions. They can ensure that you’re able to adapt your dataroom to your exact requirements. Our Customer Care team is also available to assist you with any contractual questions and higher-level issues.

Have any questions? Just pop over to our Customer Service Portal or give us a call!


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