Pro Global Insurance Solutions plc has been providing outsourcing and consultancy services to the global insurance markets for over 30 years. In order to sustain rapid growth and enhance IT security, it needed to take a holistic approach to corporate data management. Brainloop enabled Pro to become a more unified, efficient and secure business, delivering the capabilities of three solutions in one consolidated platform. Today, Brainloop continues to help Pro achieve its strategic IT objectives, cost-effectively.


Like many businesses, Pro were facing a series of document and process related challenges before they spoke to Brainloop. These challenges included:

  • A cumbersome process for creating and distributing board materials
  • Board members couldn’t access information, annotate documents or share comments
  • Spiralling costs for due diligence Virtual Datarooms
  • Contract management challenges (version control, access, visibility and audit)
  • Sharing sensitive content internally and externally, with auditors for example

Brainloop helped Pro solve these challenges with a single solution. This eliminated the need for a costly new board portal and document management system and allowed Pro to cancel its existing virtual dataroom contracts.

„For Pro, Brainloop is more than just a typical board portal or a dataroom service. It helps bring the company together for governance on a number of projects, enabling a one team approach across all territories.“

Mike Dalzell, Company Secretary, Pro


Operating a global office network, Pro has found collaboration between international staff is critical to the success of their business. Without a central document depository, it struggled to support remote team-working, files were being saved on disconnected systems and different drives, leading to multiple versions of the same document – introducing risk and confusion. To facilitate secure document sharing amongst internal teams, clients and partners, Pro used a number of techniques, such as email attachments, document encryption and third-party cloud storage such as virtual datarooms. However, these approaches often hampered productivity and slowed collaboration.


Brainloop was rolled out to all Pro offices in November 2015. The group saw instant results, streamlining three key processes:

  • The preparation of board and executive packs
  • Collaboration with external auditors
  • Ensuring business continuity

“Brainloop brings many areas of the company together to work as one team across all territories. It is more than just a typical dataroom service, Brainloop provides us the ability to go beyond document storage, board portal or due diligence. Our business has changed over the last two years and grown significantly; Brainloop was able to cover all of our immediate needs and we constantly find new use cases across the entire group.“

Mike Dalzell, Company Secretary, Pro

To read the full success story, please download the PDF below.


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